‘Red’ Goblin

In Goblin, Eun Tak (played by Kim Go Eun) plays a soul that is saved from death multiple times by deities. One of the deities that saves Eun Tak is the goddess of birth, played by Lee El. The first thing the viewer notices about both characters is the color red. Lee El’s character transforms from a drab grandmother to a vibrant young woman who wears red head to toe. The main theme of the drama is death. As the male characters are mostly seen in dark colors, Lee El’s bright red outfits is a standout. Her siren red lipstick adds to the total package. She is a walking symbol for living life passionately.

Similarly, Eun Tak knows she is followed by grim reaper and tries her best hide from him. Her most signature wardrobe piece is her red scarf. Not only does this scarf tie her to Lee El’s character reflecting the bond and history that they share, it’s a reminder of her struggle to stay alive.


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