Goblin: Yoo In Na Fashion

Kim Sun (played by Yoo In Na), aka Sunny, is probably the best boss ever. She cares about her employees and does not micromanage. Although initially she’s stressed out about the lack of customers, she eventually prevails after getting a visit from the Goblin. She is wildly fashionable. Because she manages a chicken restaurant, she’s able to get away with more casual styles. However, she pulls off the boss lady look no problem.

For her boss look, Sunny chooses well fitted professional wear that have an edge to them. When she wears a blazer, she either adds a skinny belt that modernizes the look or wear the blazer as an overcoat for a chic feel.

When she’s not on the clock, she has fun with colorful bright overcoats. This leads to the Goblin calling one of her looks (image on the right) as a ‘fried egg’. Because Sunny is light hearted most of the time, the bright colors complement her personality.

We love the way Sunny accessorizes her looks. Her fashion pieces are always the latest trends. Check out her chic sunglasses and tassel earrings here:

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Lee Min Ho and Gong Yoo are Men in Pink

Lee Min Ho and Gong Yoo are leading two of the hottest dramas right now. In both dramas, both men are slowly falling in love with their leading ladies. Although both men are stubborn and takes their time confessing their feelings, they indirectly communicate their feelings via their clothes.

In ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’, Lee Min Ho plays Heo Joon Jae, a scam artist who falls in love with a mermaid. At first he thinks Cheong is just goofy and doesn’t take her seriously. However, as he gets used to her innocence and presence, he starts falling for her. How do we know he has already fallen for her? Pink Overcoat. No man wears an overcoat in this shade of pink unless he is in a committed relationship where he’s assured of reciprocated feelings.

Gong Yoo plays the goblin in ‘Goblin’. His character is confident and a bit silly so we’re used to seeing him in vivacious colors. However, we got the hint when we saw him in this cardigan in the same shade of pink that Joon Jae was wearing. The goblin is completely falling for Eun Tak even though he hasn’t confessed to her.

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Fashion Impression of The Legend of the Blue Sea

Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho are back! After hiatuses from both actors, they are now making a comeback with drama ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’. Jun Ji Hyun plays Sim Chung, a mermaid who shares an ancient relationship with scam artist Joon Jae, played by Lee Min Ho. Sim Chung comes to land and starts creating trouble in Joon Jae’s life.

Mermaid Fashion:

As a mermaid, Sim Chung has a beautiful sparkling gold tail. On top of that, Sim Chung really likes sparkly things. She chases a dropped bracelet because it sparkled in the ocean. When she started developing feelings for Joon Jae, she describes his eyes as sparkling. It’s no suprirse then that her very first piece of clothing as a walking human is a brilliant sparkly dress that shows off  Sim Chung’s new legs.

Vacation Fashion:

On the other hand, Joon Jae is on vacation when Sim Chung crashed into his life. With nothing to worry about, he dresses tropical to match the beautiful island where he lounges. Even when he dresses up on the island, he wears a linen suit that is perfectly formal casual.

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Sandwich War of Kdrama

There’s a battle going on in kdrama land right now and we are not talking about a love triangle. No, we are talking about a sandwich war between TVN and SBS.

TVN is currently airing The K2, a thriller drama that follows the storyline between a bodyguard and a politician’s secret daughter. Subway is a major sponsor of the drama. The K2 writers incorporated Subway as the employer of the young man who exposes Anna’s address onto social media. Not only does this drama show a shot of a Subway store and its employee outfits, they also show a scene where Lee Yea Eun enthusiastically biting into a Subway sandwich….even though the mansion has a housemaid who makes homemade meals.

Check out how Subway is incorporated in The K2:

SBS’s Jealousy Incarnate is sponsored by Quiznos. During a flashback scene where Na Ri (played by Gong Hyo Jin) tries to start a conversation with Hwa Shin (played by Cho Jung Seok) by choosing between different Quiznos sandwich choices. The sandwich chain fits into the storyline a bit smoother and more realistic. Also, unlike K2 where the sandwich company is featured by supporting roles, Jealousy Incarnate’s main characters have lines about the sandwiches instead of a Quiznos store.

Check out how Quiznos is incorporated in Jealousy Incarnate:

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The K2 Couple Suit Look

Up to this point, we have mostly seen Anna (played by Yoona) in sleeping gowns. We wrote about how the sleeping gown look has helped set her up as this fragile doll in a mansion. In episode 5 of K2, we see Anna finally putting on some clothes and slipping out of the house. At the same time, we see Anna’s storyline with Je Ha (played by Ji Chang Wook) develop. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that as soon as Anna is out of the house, we start seeing flashes of couple looks between Anna and Je Ha. Although the suits are the standard apparel of the bodyguards, Anna could have bought new clothes after her escape, but she did not. Although it’s hard to say if this was an intentional impression from the wardrobe planners, we are just happy that we see Anna in something other than dress gowns.

Check out Yoona and Chang Wook’s suited up look here:

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The K2 Fashion Impressions

K2 is one of the most exciting thriller dramas that we’ve seen in 2016. The story line is both mysterious and aggressive. Ji Chang Wook plays Kim Je Ha, who was previously a deployed soldier. After losing his girlfriend, he suffers from PTSD and is trying to just stay alive. As a past solider, he doesn’t really bother with clothes. He is usually walking around with a simple t-shirt or sleeveless under shirt. The only time when we see him not look homeless is when he breaks into Yoojin’s house. There we see him wearing a leather jacket over a simple undershirt. This look is simple but still able to convey the ‘back off’ message.

Check out Je Ha’s look here:

Yoona plays Anna, a child woman who is stuck in political battle between her father and stepmother. She is left to grow up on her own in a tightly controlled environment. As a result, her demeanor has a childlike innocence. The wardrobe artist purposely dress Anna up like a doll. In the below shot in particular, we see Yoona in a sleep gown next to a teddy bear. It’s almost a real life reenactment of a doll house.

See Yoona as a living doll here:

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Flower Men of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds / Love In The Moonlight

Jinyoung of Kpop group B1A4 has been getting a lot of love for his portrayal of Yoon Sung in Love in the Moonlight/Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Yoon Sung is the son of a prominent politician. Although he is very smart, he spends his time acting as a hedonist. He is very popular amongst the Joseon ladies. His wardrobe is a bit more fun. He doesn’t have to conform to the conservative fashion that’s expected of politicians. When he’s not making an appearance at the palace, he likes to wear items that have floral designs. It’s almost as if he wants to point out that he’s the flower boy of the drama.

Not to be outdone, our favorite Crown Prince Lee Young (played by Park Bo Gum) makes a conspicuous fashion choice when he visits Jinyoung’s house. The Crown Prince normally wears solid colors when he’s not wearing his official robe. However, the one time that he visits Jinyoung’s estate, he wears a hanbok that has faint flowers. It’s almost as if he was mocking his estranged old friend.

See the Flower Men of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds here:

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