Descendants Of The Sun Ep 7 – Ep 8

Talk about a cliffhanger ending this week. Because of the earthquake in Urk, there wasn’t a lot of new looks in episode 7. Most of it are the same clothes from the first six episodes, but with blood and dirt smeared here and there. However, starting in episode 8, the rescue calms down and we see the doctors starting to update their wardrobe. We see the doctors wearing bright and warm colors to reflect the calm and new beginnings after the earthquake.

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Descendants Of The Sun Fashion– Floral Designs

In the first episode of Descendants of the Sun, Kim Gi Bum (played by Kim Min Suk) is a youngster who tries to leave his gang. He was caught and hurt in a robbery attempt. His gang found out where he was receiving treatment and went to the hospital to beat him up for not paying his dues on time. Dae Young (Jin Goo) and Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) walks in the middle of the beating and takes on the gang members.

Surprisingly, the gang members are not stylized in the normal dark garb that is associated with gangs. Instead, the gang members are wearing bright colored floral patterns. Flower power is real.

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Descendants Of The Sun Ep 1 – Ep 6

There is no dispute that the hottest drama of 2016 is Descendants of The Sun. Not only does this drama hail the return of Song Joong Ki after his mandatory military service, it also marks Song Hye Kyo’s return to a TV drama since 2013. Descendants of The Sun’s plot follows the relationship between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s characters.

Here are some of our favorite looks from the drama so far.

Kang Mo Yeon (Played by Song Hye Kyo): Kang Mo Yeon is the main female character of the drama. She starts out in the drama as a doctor who works hard in hopes of getting a professor position at her hospital. She rules the operations team because of her experience. She’s good friends with the nurse team. She loses out on the professor position to another doctor, who tells her to take over a TV interview spot that’s not important. However, Mo Yeon soars to popularity through the show and becomes the mascot of the hospital. In order to fulfill her TV personality role, Mo Yeon does not operate anymore. As she becomes more popular, she becomes known throughout the hospital all the way to the chairman of the hospital. When she runs into a dispute with the chairman, she is sent to Urk on a contract job.

Because Mo Yeon is a busy doctor, most of her fashion choices in the beginning of the show reflect her busy lifestyle. As she becomes well known through the TV show, we see her fashion elevated to be more professional, but still fashionable.

Her best looks so far:

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Yoo Si Jin (Played by Song Joong Ki): Yoo Si Jin is the main male character of the drama. Si Jin is a captain in a special forces team within the army. He’s been a soldier for ten years. This reflects in his fashion choices. Some of his style choices before he meets Mo Yeon are questionably grandfather style. However, as soon as he starts dating Mo Yeon, his fashion changes to more trending professional.

His best looks for far:

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Seo Dae Young (Played by Jin Goo): Seo Dae Young is Yoo Si Jin’s second in command. He’s also been a soldier for a long time. He has a stoic character. His style is understated but still sophisticated. Very similar to Si Jin.

His best look so far:


Speaking of being similar to Si Jin, their style is so similar they show up wearing the same outfit with navy stripped t-shirts and khaki pants:


Lee Chi Hoon (Played by Shinee’s Onew): Lee Chi Hoon is a medical resident at the same hospital as Mo Yoen. He’s the most trendy of all the men in the show possibly because he’s the youngest and has the liveliest personality. You’ll see him in print shirts that the soldiers would not dream of wearing.

His best looks so far:

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