The K2 Fashion Impressions

K2 is one of the most exciting thriller dramas that we’ve seen in 2016. The story line is both mysterious and aggressive. Ji Chang Wook plays Kim Je Ha, who was previously a deployed soldier. After losing his girlfriend, he suffers from PTSD and is trying to just stay alive. As a past solider, he doesn’t really bother with clothes. He is usually walking around with a simple t-shirt or sleeveless under shirt. The only time when we see him not look homeless is when he breaks into Yoojin’s house. There we see him wearing a leather jacket over a simple undershirt. This look is simple but still able to convey the ‘back off’ message.

Check out Je Ha’s look here:

Yoona plays Anna, a child woman who is stuck in political battle between her father and stepmother. She is left to grow up on her own in a tightly controlled environment. As a result, her demeanor has a childlike innocence. The wardrobe artist purposely dress Anna up like a doll. In the below shot in particular, we see Yoona in a sleep gown next to a teddy bear. It’s almost a real life reenactment of a doll house.

See Yoona as a living doll here:

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Flower Men of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds / Love In The Moonlight

Jinyoung of Kpop group B1A4 has been getting a lot of love for his portrayal of Yoon Sung in Love in the Moonlight/Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Yoon Sung is the son of a prominent politician. Although he is very smart, he spends his time acting as a hedonist. He is very popular amongst the Joseon ladies. His wardrobe is a bit more fun. He doesn’t have to conform to the conservative fashion that’s expected of politicians. When he’s not making an appearance at the palace, he likes to wear items that have floral designs. It’s almost as if he wants to point out that he’s the flower boy of the drama.

Not to be outdone, our favorite Crown Prince Lee Young (played by Park Bo Gum) makes a conspicuous fashion choice when he visits Jinyoung’s house. The Crown Prince normally wears solid colors when he’s not wearing his official robe. However, the one time that he visits Jinyoung’s estate, he wears a hanbok that has faint flowers. It’s almost as if he was mocking his estranged old friend.

See the Flower Men of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds here:

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Age of Youth Transitions

As Age of Youth progressed, several women in the drama go through major changes in their lives. Their new attitude towards life is reflected in the clothes they wear.

Yoon Jin Myung (played by Han Ye Ri) is no longer burdened by her family’s financial debt. Previously she didn’t do anything but study and work so she can pay her brother’s hospital bills. Her drab wardrobe was mainly dark colors because she didn’t have time to spend on vanity.  When this debt is lifted off her shoulder, we see her begin to rotate vibrant colors and trendier styles into her wardrobe. Although these changes are subtle because she is still financially strapped, they are significant. The wardrobe lets us know that Jin Myung finally gets to enjoy some of her youth.

The most adorable transition has to be Eun Jae (played by Park Hye Soo). She has opened herself up to Jong Yeol and finally accepted his attention. Because of her past, she previously dressed conservatively so that she doesn’t stand out at all. After she made the decision to go out with Jong Yeol, she wore a skirt for the first time. Both Ye Eun (played by Seung Yeon) and and Ji Won (played by Park Eun Bin) are surprised Eun Jae even owns a skirt. See her feminine makeover here:


Although all the girls change in some way, Yi Na (played by Hwayoung) went through the biggest change. Once she started having a new appreciation for her life, she immediately stopped escorting and went out to get a retail job. For the first time, she has to watch her money and work in retail. Thus, it makes sense that for the first time, we see Yi Na looking…not spectacular. Don’t get us wrong. She still wears body fitting shirts and is still overall sexy. However, her new clothes aren’t the haute style that we’ve grown accustom to seeing her in. Check out her full transition here:


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Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Fashion Secret

Regular Kpop Kloth readers know how much we like to highlight how wardrobe reflects drama plots. We saw a flash of this in episode 5 of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. When Prince Lee Young (played by Park Bo Gum) arrives at the lantern festival to find Hong Ra On (played by Kim Yoo Jung), he wears a dark green hanbok. This dark green hanbok is the uniform of senior eunuchs. Lee Young intentionally wears this hanbok on the night of lantern festival because he knows that Ra On would recognize the outfit instantly. Since they didn’t have cellphones before, the only way for Lee Young to find Ra On is to walk through the streets and look for her. If he wore the uniform of her seniors, he would stand out among the crowd. In addition to standing out from the crowd, he is also signally to Ra On that he’s on her team outside of the court as well. This wardrobe decision is intentional because we’ve see Lee Young travel outside of the court previously and he’s never worn a court uniform on those trips. He usually wears a hanbok that reflects a well off background.

See the Crown Prince’s looks before and after he met Ra On here: 

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Jealousy Incarnate: First Fashion Impressions

Jealousy Incarnate is a romantic comedy kdrama series about a weather announcer and a newsanchor. Pyo Na Ri (played by Gong Hyo Jin) is a hard working meteorologist who has an indeflatable personality. Lee Hwa Shin (played by Cho Jung Seok) is a confident news anchor who has an acidic personality. His best friend is Go Jung won (played by Go Kyung Pyo), who heads a fashion house.

Na Ri takes her job seriously, even if no one else does. She’s never taken a sick day, and she researches her own material rather than reading off the teleprompter. Because she is part of the news team, she is business casual when she’s on screen, but very casual when she’s off screen. We see this with almost all the younger female announcers where when they’re off screen, they are very casual. Check out the scene where Na Ri wears shorts so short that it looks like she’s only wearing a tshirt. Compare this to her more conservative outfits when she goes on air. Although it may be true that news casters are more casual during their off time, we don’t think it’s realistic that working professionals would wear such revealing clothes in the work environment.

See her opposite looks here:

Hwa Shin’s wardrobe is easier to plan out. He leans towards business formal so we see him mostly in black suits or a button up shift with loafers. He does not dress down when he’s not on air. He is uptight about work and life and this is reflected in his wardrobe.

See Hwa Shin’s formal attire here:

Jung Won owns a fashion house so his look is also business formal. Unlike Hwa Shin who takes himself very serious, Jung Won goes with the flow and takes more pleasure from life. This difference perspective is reflected in his wardrobe where although he also only wear suits, he makes sure to broaden the range to beyond only black or grey suits.

See his looks there:

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Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop: Fashion Trends

Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop is a kdrama series that revolves around the four owners of a small tailor shop. Because this drama is set in the fashion industry, we anticipate being treated to well thought out wardrobes. Here are two fashion trends that we’ve picked on so far from this series:

1.Off the shoulder shirts: Although off the shoulder has been the summer look of 2016, we were surprised to see Min Hyo Won (played by Lee Se Young) wear the look in the office. Of course, it helps that her family owns the company. We do not recommend this trend for office wear as this look does not make the business casual cut. Besides Hyo Won, we see Min Hyo Joo (Played by Goo Jae Yee) wearing a off the shoulder button up shirt dress. She wears it when visiting her more conservative in laws to make a statement.

See their looks here:

2. Standout earrings: The women in this drama are bringing out all their blings. While Han Eun Sook (played by Park Jun Keum) rocks epic art deco dangles, the younger cast members opt for sleeker, more modern styles like Hyo Joo’s earring jackets and Choi Ji Yeon’s (played by Cha Joo Young) bar earrings.

See the earrings here:


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Lee Jong Suk as Kang Chul

In W, Lee Jong Suk is a playboy who built a media empire based on his search for his parents’ killer. He is (initially) loved by the media and the public. As a young established entrepreneur, he does not shy away from attires that have a bit of attitude. Although his style is business formal, he likes to have fun with his suits. Not only does he experiment with colors, he also tries different patterns. Keep an eye on his suits’ line patterns. These really elegant lines are simple in design but really elevate the suits’ sophistications. While his business look is polished, his normal day to day look is also on point. He normally keeps it simple with a white button up shirt and jeans. However, we noticed one look that could use a bit help. When Kang Chul was on the run, he started wearing ripped jeans. Although we understandd he’s distressed about the murder, there’s no reason to wear jeans that are also distressed.

Check out Kang Chul’s many suit looks here:

Check out Kang Chul’s Day to Day look here:

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