Uncontrollably Fond: Couple Fashion

Joon Young (played by Kim Woo Bin) and Noh Eul (played by Suzy Bae) share a complicated past. They previously knew each other but became separated due to life complications. Now that fate has brought them back together, Joon Young is determined not to make the same mistake again. Despite constant bickering, we already see hints that these two complement each other quite well.

Because this drama was completely filmed before release, the drama takes place in the winter. It seems odd to see people so bundled up when South Korea is in the middle of a record heat wave. Although it makes us sweat just looking at long sleeves, we noticed that Joon Young and Noh Eul share similar taste in grey cashmere sweaters. Check out their twin look here:

A pivotal moment in the drama is when Ji Tae (played by Lim Ju Hwan) let go of Noh Eul’s hand because he doesn’t want to be exposed by the paparazzi. Joon Young seizes the opportunity and takes Noh Eul’s hand to guide her out of the crowd.  Unconsciously, Joon Young and Noh Eul’s wardrobe match in beige color while Ji Tae stands out in his all black ensemble. He already looks like the odd one out in the trio. Check out the set up here:

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Uncontrollably Fond: Incognito Style

Uncontrollably Fond is full of characters who have to hide their true identities. Choi Ji Tae (played by Lim Ju Hwan) has to hide his entitled background when he’s with Noh Eul (played by Suzy). Joon Young (played by Kim Woo Bin) is a famous actor, so he has to disguise himself whenever he is outside. For a brief period, Noh Eul had to disguise herself from Joon Young’s fans when Joon Young showed her affection during a performance. Even though all three has had to hide themselves, each one does it in their own unique way.

When Ji Tae disguises himself, he goes all out and does not leave any trace of his wealth. Because he doesn’t want his family to find out about his excursions, he tries to blend into the background and usually wears darker colors. He usually wears a black cap and thick glasses to cover his face. Because the drama was filmed in the winter, he usually wears a dark colored hoodie with a vest. If you bumped to him in the streets, you wouldn’t even know he’s there.

Joon Young has been famous for many years now so he knows how to blend in without going extreme like Ji Tae. He usually just covers his face with the scarf. It’s the perfect disguise because it’s winter time and everyone wears a scarf.

It’s clear that Noh Eul does not know how to hide herself. When she finds out she’s public enemy #1 to Joon Young’s fans, she decides to go into disguise to avoid anyone’s notice. However, she decides the best disguise is a bright pink hat with sun glasses. The combination will make anyone take a double look on the street.


Which incognito look is your favorite?

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