Squad 38 Episode 1-2

In Squad 38, Seo In Guk returns to the small screen as Yang Jung Do, a young fraudster who sets up elaborate schemes to steal money. He is so experienced in committing fraud that he can pull off schemes while maintaing a carefree manner. Part of commiting fraud is being able to blend into the crowd. As such, Jung Do dresses like a casual youth. He’s usually spotted in jeans and a t-shirt, completed with a bomber jacket. When he is commiting fraud, he cleans up his look. Because he is trying to cheat people out of money, he is usually posing as a finance professional. To look more convincing as a professional, he wears a suit and gels back the hair for a more clean cut look.

Check out his cool style here:

Sooyoung plays Chun Sung Hee, an office worker who works at tax collection office. She was a victim in one of Jung Do’s fraud schemes. She was heartbroken when Jung Do dumped her after she didn’t have any more money. She is perfect for the tax collection office because not only is she a rule follower, she also has a thick face for approaching people to pay up. Because she has a government job, she dresses very conservatively. Think boring button up blouses with wide black trousers everyday. Oh yea, and don’t forget the lanyard.

Look at her office style here:

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