Neighborhood Hero – Deep Dive

Neighborhood Hero (also known as Local Hero) is Park Shi Hoo’s comeback drama after being away from Korean entertainment for three years after his scandal. This is the second lead casting for Kwon Yuri of Girl’s Generation. This spy thriller drama follows the lives of government secret agents during and post their service. Park Shi Hoo plays Baek Shi Yoon, who is a secret agent who was jailed after a case where one of his colleagues died. He’s now plotting to revenge his old comrade. He buys a bar called ‘Neighbor’ to provide a safe haven for agents.

This drama wrapped up its last episode in mid March. We’re going to take a deep dive into the fashion sense of the three main leads of the drama.

As a bar owner, Baek Shi Yoon’s clothes say ‘Entrepreneur’ without being stuffy.  His clothes embrace popular trends but stop short of actually being trendy. Think solid colors and color block sweaters. On the rare occasion that he wears prints, they are very understated like mini polka dots or stripes.

See Baek Shi Yoon’s look here:

Kwon Yuri plays Baek Jung Yeon, who’s an aspiring screenwriter working part time at Baek Shi Yoon’s bar. As the hostess of Neighbor, she has to look business casual because she greets customers every day. Her style leans heavy to trendy though because Neighbor is a more casual bar so she can get away with it.

See Baek Jung Yeon’s look:

Lee Soo Hyuk plays Choi Chan Gyoo, a student studying to become a police officer. He has trouble passing the police officer exam and starts taking contract shadow assignments from Im Tae Ho (played by Cho Seung Ha). His style is a mix between Justin Beiber and student down the library table.

See Choi Chan Gyoo’s look:

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