Sandwich War of Kdrama

There’s a battle going on in kdrama land right now and we are not talking about a love triangle. No, we are talking about a sandwich war between TVN and SBS.

TVN is currently airing The K2, a thriller drama that follows the storyline between a bodyguard and a politician’s secret daughter. Subway is a major sponsor of the drama. The K2 writers incorporated Subway as the employer of the young man who exposes Anna’s address onto social media. Not only does this drama show a shot of a Subway store and its employee outfits, they also show a scene where Lee Yea Eun enthusiastically biting into a Subway sandwich….even though the mansion has a housemaid who makes homemade meals.

Check out how Subway is incorporated in The K2:

SBS’s Jealousy Incarnate is sponsored by Quiznos. During a flashback scene where Na Ri (played by Gong Hyo Jin) tries to start a conversation with Hwa Shin (played by Cho Jung Seok) by choosing between different Quiznos sandwich choices. The sandwich chain fits into the storyline a bit smoother and more realistic. Also, unlike K2 where the sandwich company is featured by supporting roles, Jealousy Incarnate’s main characters have lines about the sandwiches instead of a Quiznos store.

Check out how Quiznos is incorporated in Jealousy Incarnate:

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Jealousy Incarnate: First Fashion Impressions

Jealousy Incarnate is a romantic comedy kdrama series about a weather announcer and a newsanchor. Pyo Na Ri (played by Gong Hyo Jin) is a hard working meteorologist who has an indeflatable personality. Lee Hwa Shin (played by Cho Jung Seok) is a confident news anchor who has an acidic personality. His best friend is Go Jung won (played by Go Kyung Pyo), who heads a fashion house.

Na Ri takes her job seriously, even if no one else does. She’s never taken a sick day, and she researches her own material rather than reading off the teleprompter. Because she is part of the news team, she is business casual when she’s on screen, but very casual when she’s off screen. We see this with almost all the younger female announcers where when they’re off screen, they are very casual. Check out the scene where Na Ri wears shorts so short that it looks like she’s only wearing a tshirt. Compare this to her more conservative outfits when she goes on air. Although it may be true that news casters are more casual during their off time, we don’t think it’s realistic that working professionals would wear such revealing clothes in the work environment.

See her opposite looks here:

Hwa Shin’s wardrobe is easier to plan out. He leans towards business formal so we see him mostly in black suits or a button up shift with loafers. He does not dress down when he’s not on air. He is uptight about work and life and this is reflected in his wardrobe.

See Hwa Shin’s formal attire here:

Jung Won owns a fashion house so his look is also business formal. Unlike Hwa Shin who takes himself very serious, Jung Won goes with the flow and takes more pleasure from life. This difference perspective is reflected in his wardrobe where although he also only wear suits, he makes sure to broaden the range to beyond only black or grey suits.

See his looks there:

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