Goodbye Mr. Black Fashion Couple: Kim Tae Woo and Song Jae Rim

Kim Tae Woo plays Kim Ji Ryoon, a lawyer who helps Kim Swan (played by Moon Chae Won) and Cha Ji Won/Mr. Black (played by Lee Jin Wook) in Goodbye Mr. Black. He has known Swan since she was abandoned in Thailand. After she separates from Cha Ji Won, Swan moves in with Ji Ryoon and is introduced to society as his younger sister. Since he’s a lawyer by profession, Ji Ryoon tends to dress on the conservative side with button up shirts and blazers. He does have a playful side though. His close dongsaeng is Seo Woo Jin (played by Song Jae Rim), whom he helps out once in a while. In fact, they’re so close, they dress alike. Whenever these two get together, they always seem to wear the same clothes. For example, check out their matching bomber jacket and sweater looks below. These looks are a little more natural on Woo Jin because he’s younger and is trendier. These clothes kind of make Ji Ryoon look he’s trying too hard to look hip.

See their matching looks here: 

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Goodbye Mr. Black: Distressed Couple

In episode 14 of Goodbye Mr. Black, we noticed a couple fashion trend between Cha Ji Won (played by Lee Jin Wook) and Kim Swan (played by Moon Chae Won). Both wore distressed clothes. For those who do not follow the latest fashion, distressed fashion are clothes that have been dirtied or scuffed up on purpose. Remember ripped jeans? Those count as distressed fashion.

We were surprised when Cha Ji Won, a man who is very detailed and well off, wore a shirt with a distressed collar. It was an out of character wardrobe choice.  Check out his distressed collar here:

Cha Ji Won (Lee Jin Wook) looks distressed about his distressed collar.

In the next scene, Kim Swan wears a jacket that has distressed borders. She looks more comfortable in this look probably because her character isn’t as immaculate in dressing as Cha Ji Won. After all, she did grow up scavenging trash in Thailand. Her wardrobe has always leaned towards casual to business casual. See her distressed jacket here:

Kim Swan (Moon Chae Won) looks guilty about her distressed jacket.

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Goodbye Mr. Black: Black Swan (Color Symbolism #2)

Yoon Ma Ri has literally and un-literally gone over to the dark side. In Episode 12, Ma Ri finds out Min Sun Jae (played by Kim Kang Woo) has been injecting her with hormone shots to simulate pregnancy behavior. Up until this moment, she has suspected some of Sun Jae’s evil behavior, but she didn’t think he would harm her. This is why she hasn’t turned him in to the police and hasn’t done anything to harm him. She’s been trying to keep the family together. However, she breaks down after she finds out she isn’t actually pregnant. She intentionally hurts Sun Jae by kissing Cha Ji Won (played by Lee Jin Wook).

See her transition here:

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Goodbye Mr. Black: Cha Ji Soo

Cha Ji Soo (played by Im Se Mi) is perhaps the most ill fated character on Goodbye Mr Black. She’s jerked around by Min Sun Jae (Kim Kang Woo), who uses her as a toy to over tossing Cha Ji Won (played by Lee Jin Wook). As daughter of a chairman, Ji Soo lives the pampered life. Along with mansions and maids, her outfit reflects her finer way of living. Notice that she always wears white colors. It reflects her purity with all the crime happening around her.

This is Cha Ji Soo before her life was turned black. Her hair is styled, unlike in the later episodes when her hair is straight, untreated. She wears fanciful ruffles and chic blazers. It reflects her stress free life.

Her night dress has a lining that is similar to lining on children’s school uniforms. This reflects that Ji Soo never really grew up. She has been sheltered from the ugliness of the world. Yes, she was blinded by Min Sun Jae (played by Kim Kang Woo) when she overheard him confessing to killing her father. However,  she was immediately rescued by Baek Eun Do (played by Jeon Kuk Hwan) and was hidden in China, away from Sun Jae. She’s always had a guardian in her life; from her father to Cha Ji Won (played by Lee Jin Wook) to Yoon Ma Ri (Yoo In Young). After her accident, she’s needed a literal guardian to guide her way.

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Goodbye Mr. Black: Most Improved Dresser

The award for the most improved dresser on Goodbye Mr. Black is Ko Sung Min (played by Lee Won Jung). Sung Min sets up money schemes with Kim Swan (played by Moon Chae Won) to rip off tourists in Thailand.  He’s dressed in typical Thai garb. Very loose fitting, flowy style that fits in with the locals. This is probably intentional to seem more authentic to the tourists, as well as to beat the heat. Check out his Moh Hom (shirt) and Sador (pants) here:

When Sung Min rescues Cha Ji Won (played by Lee Jin Wook), Cha Ji Won offers Sung Min money in return to help him get revenge for his father. Sung Min transforms to Ko Sung Min, a representative of a premier investment firm. His style is a 180 degree turn from the Thai garb that we’re used to seeing him in. Sung Min now wears sleek lines. He’s never seen without a blazer. He wears a silk handkerchief around his neck, for an almost European feel.

However, when he’s not posing as a finance expert, he still dresses down in his hawaiian shirt. He also reverts back to the Moh Hom shirt. You can take the man out of Thailand, but you can’t take the Thailand out of the man.

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Goodbye Mr. Black: Color Symbolism

Goodbye Mr. Black uses a lot of color symbolism to contrast Cha Ji Won’s  (Played by Lee Jin Wook) revenge and Kim Swan’s (Played by Moon Chae Won) transparent personality. While Ji Won creates a wall of dark lies to plan out his strategy, Swan is a reporter who brings corporations’ shady dealings to light. The wardrobe stylist plays on this light vs darkness theme. Have you noticed Kim Swan always wears something white in her outfits?

Contrast this to Black:

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Goodbye Mr. Black Ep5- Ep6

The secret is out. Mr. Black, no longer Cha Ji Won, is back in Korea and is visiting everyone he had left behind. From trying to rekindle his romance with Yoon Ma Ri to getting a meal with Sun Jae’s father, Ji Won is working hard to make sure everyone knows he’s back. The way he does it is a little unnerving. He pops out of the background and surprise the people he’s visiting. For example, he jumps into Sun Jae father’s cab and has him drive him around before revealing he’s Cha Ji Won. Also, he shows up in front of Yoon Ma Ri as she’s shopping for clothes with Mae. These sudden appearances keeps everyone on their toes and creates a creepy atmosphere. This is of course the effect Ji Won is trying to achieve. Because he needs to blend into the background easily, his attire is pretty casual. 

See Cha Ji Won’s latest looks here:

We see more and more of Song Jae Rim’s character Seo Woo Jin in these two episodes. Seo Woo Jin is the founder of Panda News, the company that hired Kim Swan, played by Moon Chae Won, as a reporter. When he’s not working on a story, he strolls around the office in sweats and robe like Hugh Hefner. He’s more versatile when he’s out on a job. When he’s trying to get more information, he dresses to assimilate to his surrounding. For example, when he’s trying to get more details out of cops, he dresses up like a detective. When his target is at a casino, he dresses as a high roller. 

See Seo Woo Jin’s looks here:

Yoon Ma Ri’s wardrobe is impeccable. Her go to looks are full body dresses and a hand bags. As wife of a chairman candidate, her job is help make connections with people who can help Sun Jae’s career. As such, she always looks put together. Who knows who you’ll run into when you’re out and about in five star hotels in Seoul?

See Yoon Ma Ri’s beautiful dresses here:

Fashion standout: Black’s assistant Mae.