God of War Zhao Yun: Fashion Impressions

God Of War Zhao Yun (武神赵子龙)is Im Yoona’s debut drama in China. This drama features Yoona as Xiahou Qing Yi, the love interest of Zhao Yun (played by Lin Geng Xin). This drama is set in the third kingdom period (around 220 CE), so the wardrobe is styled as a fusion of ancient Chinese and fantasy.

Zhao Yun always wears white, a color associated with purity and goodness. Indeed, he’s the hero of the drama and fights the good fight. Since he is a trained fighter, white is actually not a good color choice because most fighters get dirty and bloodied. The fact that he wears white means he is very well trained; he doesn’t let the fighters come close to get dirty.  Check out his look here:

Yoona plays the daughter of a strategic military general. She wears trinkets accessories that make her seem juvenile at times. For example, check out the flower in her hair. In addition, she wears mainly pastel colors like yellow and pink. These colors feel very feminine. They kind of hide Qing Yi’s fight skills. I am sure she consciously makes this choice. She wants others to underestimate her. Check out her look here:

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