Tiki Fashion in ‘Doctors’ Kdrama

One of the best dressed characters in “Doctors” is Hye Jung’s friend, Chun Soon Hee. Soon Hee has always had a bubbly personality. As the principal’s daughter, her parents berated her for not being more studious. She didn’t have any true friends until Hye Jung came along. Since the first time they met, they have been loyal best friends. Unlike Hye Jung, who had a troubled childhood, Soon Hee lived a pretty sheltered life. She’s like a ray of sunshine to Hye Jung’s doom and gloom.  Soon Hee now owns a tiki bar right next to the hospital where Hye Jung works. The tiki bar perfectly fits Soon Hee’s innocent and fun personality. Adding to the carefree atmosphere of the tiki bar, Soon Hee wears fun pieces like bunny ears and off the shoulder shirts. We also like her floral inclinations whether it’s a floral print shirt or a flower in the hair. Makes us think about going on vacation.   See Soon Hee’s fun looks here:

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Doctors Tie Trends

Ever since the 2016 landmark drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’, hospital dramas have been on the rise. It’s been interesting to see the different fashion that the doctors in various dramas have chosen to feature. In ‘Descendants of the Sun’, the doctors were mainly in the field so their clothes were for the most part casual. In ‘Doctors’, the main characters are younger. They’re in the transition between residents to attendings. Because these doctors are in an urban setting, the doctors dress more formal than the doctors in ‘Descendants of the Sun’.  One of the first things we noticed were that the ties that both male and female doctors wear. Below are three tie trends we’ve noticed from ‘Doctors’:

#1: Scarf Ties

Scarfs are making a huge comeback. Seo Woo (played by Lee Sung Kyung) wears a pretty white scarf that matches with her top. Hye Jung (played by Park Shin Hye) wears a dark maroon scarf. The colors are almost reflective of the dark childhood she had while growing up with separated families.

#2. Plastic Tie Knots

Yoon Do (played by Yoon Gyun Sang) is the up and rising attending who is very formal. It’s clear from his car and house that he’s used to the nicer things in life. We noticed his ties with the plastic tops. Although the plastic piece may look cheap on most people, he is able to pull off the look with class.

#3. Colorful Ties

The colorful ties that Ji Hoon (played by Kim Rae Won) is such a nice reflection of his playful personality. Since it’s summertime, the colorful ties just adds to the light heart atmosphere that Ji Hoon creates.


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Doctors Episode 3-Episode 4

We now know the full background of the three main characters and have moved back to the present. Yoo Hye Jung (played by Park Shin Hye) went to a lower tiered medical school but worked hard to get to a staff position at a hospital before transitioning to a fellowship position at GukiI hospital. As someone who has worked hard at her success, she splurges on her car and her wardrobe. Ever since she was young, she enjoyed shopping and dressing up. Her style is fun and energetic.

See her trending look here:

Yoo Hye Jung’s nemesis is Jin Seo Woo (played by Lee Sung Kyung). Seo Woo is the daughter of the president of Gukil hospital. Unlike Hye Jung, she has lived the pampered life. She didn’t have to worry about money and was always the smartest kid in her class. Her style is feminine preppy. She’s the type of girl who never has messy hair or leaves the house without checking her makeup.

Check out her prep style here:

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Doctors Episode 1- Episode 2

In Doctors, Park Shin Hye takes on a role that’s a 180 degrees from her normal good girl roles. She plays Yoo Hye Jung, a punk high schooler who grows up to be a doctor. Abandoned by her parents, she’s closest with her grandmother. She transfers to a new school in her grandmother’s neighborhood after getting kicked out. Because the drama flashes back to her school days, we’ve seen Park Shin Hye in mostly school uniforms. When she’s out of school, she goes shopping and clubbing. Her featured clubbing outfit was a seethrough top with leather pants. The outfit makes her look tougher and also older. It’s been hinted several times that she tries to act like she’s past the school age.

Check out her punk look here: