Descendants Of The Sun Meets Running Man

Although we’re still having a hard time getting over Descendants of the Sun, we were delighted to see Jin Goo (who played Seo Dae Young) and Kim Ji Won (who played Yoon Myeong Joo) on Running Man. Their couple look was on point. Decked out in white and sky blue, their look was perfect for welcoming the beginning of summer. Jin Goo wore jeans with a blue striped blazer. He wore casual sneakers, perfect for running man.  Kim Ji Won wore a white button shirt with a calf length blue checkered skirt. She finished the summery look with white sandals. They looked like they were ready to go picnicking in a park, rather than participating on a variety show. Check out their adorable look here:


Descendants Of The Sun: Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won played Dr. Yoon Myeong Joo on Descendants of The Sun. Dr. Yoon Myeong Joo is a military doctor who struggles to stay in a relationship with Sergeant Major Seo Dae Young, played by Jin Goo. Myeong Joo wears the military uniform for 98% of the drama, and that’s why we’re super excited when she’s off duty and we see more of Myeong Joo’s personality through her wardrobe.

As a soldier, Myeong Joo operates in a strict, orderly environment. It’s then no surprise that she’s very put together when off duty as well. One of the first changes we get to see her without the uniform is a flashback scene of when she attends a wedding with Dae Young. She wears an elegant white dress. After the drama is over, Kim Ji Won modeled for Mollis, a jewelry company that has a bridal line. We noticed that she was wearing the same white dress that she wore on her first date with Dae Young. Mollis did a great job bridging their products with Ji Won’s character in the drama.

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Descendants Of The Sun Finale

Although we are sad Descendants of the Sun has come to an end, we are so happy everyone ended up alive and well. How they have toyed with us in the last two episodes! Here are some of our favorites looks from the finale.

Captain Yoo Si Jin (played by Song Joong Ki) wears a scarf when he joins Kang Mo Yeon (played by Song Hye Kyo) in Armenia. Not only does the scarf help Yoo Si Jin navigate the desert, it also serves as a nice callback to the scarf that Kang Mo Yeon wore when she first arrived in Urk.

Sergeant Major Seo Dae Young (Played by Jin Goo) and Dr. Yoo Myeong Joo (Played by Kim Ji Won) also complement each other in fashion. Notice how Myeong Joo wore block colors when she thought Dae Young had passed, and then how Dae Young wore block colors when he recovered and they both are back in Korea. They say people who are together for a long time start looking alike. In this case, we definitely see the couple rubbing off on each other’s fashion sense.

Best bromance moment of the whole series: the meeting of Yoo Si Jin and Seo Dae Young. Did you guys get the Temptation of the Wolves umbrella scene reference? This scene shows the first time Yoo Si Jin meetings Seo Dae Young. The wardrobe is a direct reflection of their personality. Si Jin is wearing a hoodie jacket, showing off his laid back, joking attitude. Dae Young is wearing a formal suit, which reflects his more serious personality.



Descendants Of The Sun: Song-Song Couple Fashion

Did you catch the fashion twin moments of the Song Song couple? Now that everyone is back in Seoul, we see how Captain Yoo Si Jin (played by Song Joong Ki) and Dr. Kang Mo Yeon (played by Song Hye Kyo) dresses when they’re off work. We were delighted to see the couple fashion sense they displayed.

Yes, we realize everyone has a wool coat in Seoul. However, we really liked how the Song Song couple paired matching coats and matching sweaters in nice warm colors. Their colors really complement each other.


In this scene, we see the couple wear the same mock neck sweater. Dr. Kang plays up her look with fun overalls, which shows her playful personality.


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Third Love Line of Descendants Of The Sun

They may not be the prettiest or the most romantic couple, but they sure are the funniest. During tense moments, Dr. Song Sang Hyun (played by Lee Seung Joon) and sassy nurse Ha Ja Ae (played by Seo Jung Yeon) comes to the rescue with comedic relief.  They’re the oldest members on the medical team, but they don’t take themselves seriously. While in Urk, nurse Ha Ja Ae dresses like a tomboy because she’s focused on her job of delivering medication to Urk’s children and treating victims of the earthquake. When she comes back to Seoul, she dresses in much trendier clothing.

See her looks here:

Dr. Song Sang Hyun is a little more put together. He doesn’t dress as casually as Ja Ae does, but he’s still not trendy by any means. He has a really bright and open personality and it shows in the lighter colors that he wears. Out of all the men in the drama, he probably has the most colorful wardrobe.

See his looks here:

See the couple together:



Descendants of the Sun Fun Fact

Kim Ji Won (Dr. Yoon Myeong Joo) and Jeon Soo Jin (Ri Ye Hwa) have worked together before! Both ladies were featured on Heirs, which is a drama written by Kim Eun Sook, who also wrote Descendants Of the Sun. Heirs was televised back in 2013.  We thought it would be fun to look at how the girls have grown as women and as actors in the three years since.

In Heirs, Kim Ji Won played Rachel, a student at a private school where only the richest children can afford the tuition. Rachel has an arranged engagement with Kim Tan (played by Lee Min Ho) and has been groomed to be a wife to a chaebol family. Her wardrobe is all designer brand. Her mother is the head of a high end fashion brand so she basically can’t ever not look camera ready since she is a walking advertisement for her mother’s company. Compared to her character on Descendants of the Sun, Dr. Yoon Myeong Joo mainly wears the military uniform. We don’t see many scenes of Myeong Joo without the uniform, but when we do, she’s usually dressed casually.

See Kim Ji Won’s transition here:

Jeon Soo Jin plays a fellow student with Rachel in Heirs. She is considered rich enough that she doesn’t get bothered at Rachel’s bullying at school. Even so, her family is not as visible in the news as Rachel’s family so she dresses more casually when she’s out of school. As Ri Ye Hwa on Descendants of the Sun, she plays the carefree wife of a Daniel, a mysterious doctor who serves the underprivileged.  She herself is a practitioner of eastern medicine.

See Jeon Soo Jin’s transition here:

Descendants Of The Sun Fashion Twins

One of the mysteries of Descendants Of The Sun is how do the doctors keep having fresh clothes when all they were each restricted to one duffle bag. On the last episodes, we figured it out. The doctors are sharing clothes! Either that or nurse Choi Min Ji (played by Park Hwan Hee) and doctor Kang Mo Yeon (played by Song Hye Kyo) have the same pink and yellow  sweater. Look at the ladies sharing the same sweaters. Song Hye Kyo normally pairs a denim skirt with this sweater. Park Hwan Hee pairs the sweater with jeans or shorts.