Cinderella and Four Knights Fashion Impression

In a fresh take of Cinderella, Park So Dam plays Eun Ha Won, a high school student who works multiple jobs to support herself. Her father is rarely home because he works in a remote location. Her step mother and step sister don’t take care of her because they’re too busy thinking about themselves. Ha Won works to fund her college plans while taking on all the domestic chores at home. Without money to spare, she does not fuss about her wardrobe. Let’s compare her look to her step sister Choi Yoona (played by Ko Bo Gyeol). Yoona is the princess of the family so she is fashionable with many cute wardrobe pieces.

Compare the two sisters here:

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city is a mansion called Sky House. Sky House is the home of Kang Ji Woon (played by Jung Il Woo), Kang Hyun Min (played by Ahn Jae Hyeon), and Kang Seo Woo (played by Lee Jung Shin). The brothers are not close and choose very different paths. Ji Woon refuses to blend into high society. He previously worked at a car shop and wants to maintain that side of his identity. His mode of transportation? Motorcycle. He’s most comfortable in biker jacket, tshirt, and jeans. Hyun Min has grown up with money and has high taste in everything; including clothes. He is comfortable in silk suits and can pull off loud designs.

See the different brothers here:


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