Beautiful Gong Shim Fashion Glimpse

Nam Goong Min plays Ahn Dan Tae, a lawyer who takes on pro bono cases. Even though he’s a lawyer, he dresses like a complete bum. His usual go to look is hoodie, cargo pants, and sandals. This might be surprising given he’s a lawyer, but don’t take his look as casualness towards his job. Dan Tae is very serious about getting justice for his clients. He makes sure to get revenge for his client in one shape or another. His casual look is a reflection of his laid back personality outside of work. See the flip flop look here.

Minah plays Gong Shim, who is a down-on-her-luck girl struggling to find a job. Overshadowed by her beauty pageant sister growing up, Gong Shim has been overlooked by her parents and life in general. She’s resigned herself to her fate. The family doesn’t have much money so Gong Shim has been working hard to find a job to support herself. She wears a wig because she has a balding spot due to stress. However, the wig is very dowdy. The blunt bangs and the bowl cut make an unfashionable pairing. It appears that Gong Shim wants to blend into the background of life. Her wardrobe is conservative. One look that she repeats often is an overall dress over a long shirt v-neck. Her lack of fashion sense is part of reason why she got hired on as the executive assistant to the president of Star Enterprise.

Seo Hyo Rim plays Gong Mi, older sister of Gong Shim. She’s the princess of the Gong household. She’s doted on by her parents and worked to become a lawyer who supports her family. She has two dressing rooms in the house to hold all her clothes. Her polished looks range from sophisticated to professional. Because she’s been brought up praised for her beauty, she does not shy away from the spotlight. She wears feminine colors, unique pieces like lace blazers. She looks like she has fun with clothes, and all the looks come together because she wears them with confidence.