Age of Youth Transitions

As Age of Youth progressed, several women in the drama go through major changes in their lives. Their new attitude towards life is reflected in the clothes they wear.

Yoon Jin Myung (played by Han Ye Ri) is no longer burdened by her family’s financial debt. Previously she didn’t do anything but study and work so she can pay her brother’s hospital bills. Her drab wardrobe was mainly dark colors because she didn’t have time to spend on vanity.  When this debt is lifted off her shoulder, we see her begin to rotate vibrant colors and trendier styles into her wardrobe. Although these changes are subtle because she is still financially strapped, they are significant. The wardrobe lets us know that Jin Myung finally gets to enjoy some of her youth.

The most adorable transition has to be Eun Jae (played by Park Hye Soo). She has opened herself up to Jong Yeol and finally accepted his attention. Because of her past, she previously dressed conservatively so that she doesn’t stand out at all. After she made the decision to go out with Jong Yeol, she wore a skirt for the first time. Both Ye Eun (played by Seung Yeon) and and Ji Won (played by Park Eun Bin) are surprised Eun Jae even owns a skirt. See her feminine makeover here:


Although all the girls change in some way, Yi Na (played by Hwayoung) went through the biggest change. Once she started having a new appreciation for her life, she immediately stopped escorting and went out to get a retail job. For the first time, she has to watch her money and work in retail. Thus, it makes sense that for the first time, we see Yi Na looking…not spectacular. Don’t get us wrong. She still wears body fitting shirts and is still overall sexy. However, her new clothes aren’t the haute style that we’ve grown accustom to seeing her in. Check out her full transition here:


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Fashion Impressions of Age of Youth

Age of Youth tells the coming of age story for five women who rent a house together. Four of the women attend college, although they are in different years. The drama follows these women as they navigate through love, work, school, and the various paths of life.

Hwayoung plays Kang Yi Na, the only one who is not in school. As the drama progresses, the rest of the house finds out that Yi Na is not in school and is actually taking on lovers in exchange for money. Yi Na flaunts her femininity and embraces the effect she has on men. As such, she is comfortable wearing body hugging clothes and doesn’t take issue to revealing skin. However, as she is targeting the richer clientele, she still keeps it classy. Check out her mature sexy wardrobe here:

Han Ye Ri plays Yoon Jin Myung, who is the eldest senior in the house with Yi Na. Unlike Yi Na, Jin Myung is not a beauty and works multiple part time jobs in order to pay for school and her brother’s medical bills. Between her jobs and school, she has no time for love or fashion. Her wardrobe is student minimalist. We rarely see her in something other than tshirt with an open button up shirt.  Her go to hairstyle is a no frills pony tail.

See Ye Ri’s heads down student wardrobe here:

Seungyeon plays Jung Ye Eun, a girl who seems to have it all. She attends a good school and has a steady boyfriend. As she doesn’t have too much stress in her life, her style is innocent feminine. She wears a lot of pink and is not afraid to accessorize with trendy bunny year headbands. Although she also wears short skirts, they tend to be more cute than sexy. We soon find out that her life is not as perfect as she puts on, and we are interested to see how her wardrobe changes as her story line develops.

See Seungyeon’s wardrobe here:

Park Eun Bin plays gregarious Song Ji Won. Ji Won is the life of every party, however, her loud behavior has caused her to be unlucky in love.  She works part time in a journalism office so her style, although trendy, is still kept business casual.

See Ji Won’s wardrobe here:

Park Hye Soo plays Yoo Eun Jae, a naive lower classmen who is very innocent in terms of love and life. She is a quiet sort and seems to want to blend in as much as possible. She’s purposely quiet because she has a mysterious secret. Her look is similar to Ye Ri as a matter of fact.

See Eun Jae’s look here:

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