The K2 Couple Suit Look

Up to this point, we have mostly seen Anna (played by Yoona) in sleeping gowns. We wrote about how the sleeping gown look has helped set her up as this fragile doll in a mansion. In episode 5 of K2, we see Anna finally putting on some clothes and slipping out of the house. At the same time, we see Anna’s storyline with Je Ha (played by Ji Chang Wook) develop. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that as soon as Anna is out of the house, we start seeing flashes of couple looks between Anna and Je Ha. Although the suits are the standard apparel of the bodyguards, Anna could have bought new clothes after her escape, but she did not. Although it’s hard to say if this was an intentional impression from the wardrobe planners, we are just happy that we see Anna in something other than dress gowns.

Check out Yoona and Chang Wook’s suited up look here:

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