Flower Men of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds / Love In The Moonlight

Jinyoung of Kpop group B1A4 has been getting a lot of love for his portrayal of Yoon Sung in Love in the Moonlight/Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Yoon Sung is the son of a prominent politician. Although he is very smart, he spends his time acting as a hedonist. He is very popular amongst the Joseon ladies. His wardrobe is a bit more fun. He doesn’t have to conform to the conservative fashion that’s expected of politicians. When he’s not making an appearance at the palace, he likes to wear items that have floral designs. It’s almost as if he wants to point out that he’s the flower boy of the drama.

Not to be outdone, our favorite Crown Prince Lee Young (played by Park Bo Gum) makes a conspicuous fashion choice when he visits Jinyoung’s house. The Crown Prince normally wears solid colors when he’s not wearing his official robe. However, the one time that he visits Jinyoung’s estate, he wears a hanbok that has faint flowers. It’s almost as if he was mocking his estranged old friend.

See the Flower Men of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds here:

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