Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Fashion Secret

Regular Kpop Kloth readers know how much we like to highlight how wardrobe reflects drama plots. We saw a flash of this in episode 5 of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. When Prince Lee Young (played by Park Bo Gum) arrives at the lantern festival to find Hong Ra On (played by Kim Yoo Jung), he wears a dark green hanbok. This dark green hanbok is the uniform of senior eunuchs. Lee Young intentionally wears this hanbok on the night of lantern festival because he knows that Ra On would recognize the outfit instantly. Since they didn’t have cellphones before, the only way for Lee Young to find Ra On is to walk through the streets and look for her. If he wore the uniform of her seniors, he would stand out among the crowd. In addition to standing out from the crowd, he is also signally to Ra On that he’s on her team outside of the court as well. This wardrobe decision is intentional because we’ve see Lee Young travel outside of the court previously and he’s never worn a court uniform on those trips. He usually wears a hanbok that reflects a well off background.

See the Crown Prince’s looks before and after he met Ra On here: 

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