Lee Jong Suk as Kang Chul

In W, Lee Jong Suk is a playboy who built a media empire based on his search for his parents’ killer. He is (initially) loved by the media and the public. As a young established entrepreneur, he does not shy away from attires that have a bit of attitude. Although his style is business formal, he likes to have fun with his suits. Not only does he experiment with colors, he also tries different patterns. Keep an eye on his suits’ line patterns. These really elegant lines are simple in design but really elevate the suits’ sophistications. While his business look is polished, his normal day to day look is also on point. He normally keeps it simple with a white button up shirt and jeans. However, we noticed one look that could use a bit help. When Kang Chul was on the run, he started wearing ripped jeans. Although we understandd he’s distressed about the murder, there’s no reason to wear jeans that are also distressed.

Check out Kang Chul’s many suit looks here:

Check out Kang Chul’s Day to Day look here:

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