Tiki Fashion in ‘Doctors’ Kdrama

One of the best dressed characters in “Doctors” is Hye Jung’s friend, Chun Soon Hee. Soon Hee has always had a bubbly personality. As the principal’s daughter, her parents berated her for not being more studious. She didn’t have any true friends until Hye Jung came along. Since the first time they met, they have been loyal best friends. Unlike Hye Jung, who had a troubled childhood, Soon Hee lived a pretty sheltered life. She’s like a ray of sunshine to Hye Jung’s doom and gloom.  Soon Hee now owns a tiki bar right next to the hospital where Hye Jung works. The tiki bar perfectly fits Soon Hee’s innocent and fun personality. Adding to the carefree atmosphere of the tiki bar, Soon Hee wears fun pieces like bunny ears and off the shoulder shirts. We also like her floral inclinations whether it’s a floral print shirt or a flower in the hair. Makes us think about going on vacation.   See Soon Hee’s fun looks here:

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