Lucky Romance Episodes 9-10

In Episodes 9-10, Sim Bo Nui (played by Hwang Jang Eum) gets more and more entangled between Je Soo Ho (played by Ryoo Joon Yeol) and Gary Choi (played by Lee Soo Hyuk). Both male leads declare their feelings to Bo Nui. Although she decides to dedicate her attention to Bo Ra, both men try to change her mind.

This week, Sim Bo Nui finally seems to leave her denim phase behind. However, she initially moves on to a hospital gown esq dress. It fits into her mode of not caring how other people look at her. As she gets ready to face Brian and Soo Ho after their confessions, she wears an outfit that looks like she is wearing an apron. However, it is actually a sleeveless halter top worn over a short sleeve shirt.

Even though her love life is in bad shape, Han Seol Hee (played by Lee Chung Ah) continues looking fabulous. Look at this off the shoulder dress that is perfect for the sexy professional look. However, I wouldn’t recommend wear this dress by itself in the office. Off the shoulder is too much skin exposure for most corporate jobs. On the other hand, the yellow full body dress is perfect for summer office days.

When Soo Ho finally asks Bo Nui out for a proper date, he went shopping for a suit. We cracked out when we saw his suit shorts. It’s the perfect formal look for an informal guy. We expect to see this look at summer weddings this year.

Although this is not fashion, but we had to comment on how ridiculous this Expedia product placement marketing is. When Zeze employees arrive at their cabin, they are greeted by a cardboard bear that bears the Expedia logo. Umm..wouldn’t they have been greeted by the cabin’s manager? The brand name looked too out of place in the nature surrounding. Even Seol Hee looks surprised to see such obvious marketing.


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