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The secret is out. Everyone now knows the mistake Park Do Kyung made. Ugly Oh Hae Young (played by Seo Hyun Jin) goes into another depressive slump. She goes back to tshirt and pajama pants as she takes a long break from work. When she meets up with Park Do Kyung,  she talks about wanting to be anyone else. She dresses provocatively with a short dress and red fishnet stocking.  Actually we thought this look (sans fishnet stockings) would be a normal look for Hae Young’s friend Kim Hee Ran (played by Ha Shi Eun).
Kim Hee Ran is Oh Hae Young’s best friend. She is always there for Hae Young whenever Hae Young embarrasses herself. The two women are alike in many ways. Both are single young professionals. However, unlike Hae Young, who tries to blend in to her backgrounds (mostly because of her traumatic childhood comparisons with the prettier Oh Hae Young), Hee Ran has fun with her femininity. While Oh Hae Young is a one boyfriend at a time, Hee Ran has fun playing the field. Looking at pictures of these ladies side by side, you see their different personalities through their clothes. While Oh Hae Young is conservative and rarely wears revealing clothes, Hee Ran does not like covering up her body. She wears sleeveless and off the shoulder tops. Her revealing dresses are very low cut.

See them side by side here:

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