Lucky Romance: Denim Impressions

In Lucky Romance, Hwang Jang Eum plays Sim Bo Nui, an unlucky woman who is works multiple jobs to support her sick sister. Ryoo Joon Yeol plays Je Soo Ho, a CEO of a gaming business, who has been famous since he was a child for being a genius. Lee Soo Hyuk plays Gary Choi, a top ranking tennis player who grew up in Canada and is now back in Korea trying to track down his father. Brian grew up in the same house as Bo Nui so he moves in next to Bo Nui after he saw her still living in the same location.

Sim Bo Nui has had a pretty sad life up to this point. She doesn’t have much money, but she makes enough to pay the bills and have enough to eat. Her parents passed away, and her sister is currently in the hospital. Bo Nui believes she is cursed. As such, she is very superstitious. She visits a shaman for advice on how to invite more good luck into her life. Her style reflects the her eclectic lifestyle. Along with wearing curse busting talismans, she wears a lot of denim. Denim overalls, denim jackets, denim dresses. The weirdest look that we’ve seen is denim skirt over denim jeans. We don’t know how effective is against bad luck, but we do know that denim is coming back in a big way in both men and women fashion. It’s time to dust off and update that 80s denim jacket.

Check out the superstitious look here:

Gary Choi is a typical jock who doesn’t really care about much outside of tennis and finding his father. His agent (played by Lee Chung Ah) takes care of his appearances, or rather, lack of appearances. Gary is a private person and doesn’t grant much marketing opportunities. When he’s not in the public eye, he dresses casually in tshirts/sweater and jeans. However, he has a preference for short denim jackets. One of his looks that really stood out was a studded short denim jacket. The jacket seemed a little too young and amateur for a professional athlete, but his youth makes the look work. When he makes a professional appearance, his style leans towards trendy professional. For example, when he announces to the world he’s the model for IF, he went on stage with a floral pattern blazer. That’s how cool he is. We’re guessing that Amy plays a hand in what he wears, but knowing Gary, he is the one who makes the final call.

Check out the professional tennis player’s looks here:

One person who wouldn’t be caught dead in anything with rhinestones is Je Soo Ho. Soo Ho is strictly tshirt and sweater. He tries to stay off the radar, even more than Brian, because he gets anxiety attacks when he’s in the public eye. He also doesn’t care much what people think of him. His style is straight out of J.Crew. Chino shorts, keds, fitted button ups.

Check out the tech CEO looks here:

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