Daebak/Royal Gambler: Yeoning

As Daebak drama is wrapping up, we wanted to revisit how fashion played a part in the developing friendship between Baek Dae Gil (played by Jang Geun Suk)  and Yeoning (played by Yeo Jin Goo).

After making friends with Baek Dae Gil, Yeonning started wearing a turquoise colored hanbok when he ventures outside the place. Previously he wore exclusively purple. The purple hanbok is a continuation of the royal purple robe that he wears at court.  The turquoise blue is a nod to Dae Gil, who had worn turquoise blue since he came back into society after mountain training.  Later, when Yeonning finds out Dae Gil is shares the same bloodline and is line for the throne, their friendship is broken. Yeonning switches out of his turquoise hanbok. It’s as if he’s making a statement that they’re no longer a team. There’s a lot of wardrobe reciprocation between the two brothers. It’s true what they say. People who hang out together all the time start acting and dressing like each other. 

See the two brothers here:



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