Vampire Detective: Lee Se Young

Lee Se Young has been our favorite actress on Vampire Detective. She plays Han Gyeo Wool, a tough attitude girl who forces her way into the detective team with Yoon San (played by Lee Joon) and Yoon Goo Hyung (played by Oh Jung Se). We appreciate her directness and no BS attitude. Se Young also pulls off the punk look effortlessly. Leather pants? No problem. Bomber jacket? Lookin good. Beanie hat? Just part of the basic look. Maybe because her character is the youngest member on the detective team she’s able to get away with more casual looks, but she definitely adds way more variety to the show’s fashion than either Yoon San or Goo Hyung. For example, she wears a bandanna in episode 6. Can you see Yoon San or Goo Hyung pulling that off? We are also loving how nature Lee Se Young looks with blonde hair. 

Check out her looks here:

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