Goodbye Mr. Black: Distressed Couple

In episode 14 of Goodbye Mr. Black, we noticed a couple fashion trend between Cha Ji Won (played by Lee Jin Wook) and Kim Swan (played by Moon Chae Won). Both wore distressed clothes. For those who do not follow the latest fashion, distressed fashion are clothes that have been dirtied or scuffed up on purpose. Remember ripped jeans? Those count as distressed fashion.

We were surprised when Cha Ji Won, a man who is very detailed and well off, wore a shirt with a distressed collar. It was an out of character wardrobe choice.  Check out his distressed collar here:

Cha Ji Won (Lee Jin Wook) looks distressed about his distressed collar.

In the next scene, Kim Swan wears a jacket that has distressed borders. She looks more comfortable in this look probably because her character isn’t as immaculate in dressing as Cha Ji Won. After all, she did grow up scavenging trash in Thailand. Her wardrobe has always leaned towards casual to business casual. See her distressed jacket here:

Kim Swan (Moon Chae Won) looks guilty about her distressed jacket.

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