Goodbye Mr. Black: Most Improved Dresser

The award for the most improved dresser on Goodbye Mr. Black is Ko Sung Min (played by Lee Won Jung). Sung Min sets up money schemes with Kim Swan (played by Moon Chae Won) to rip off tourists in Thailand.  He’s dressed in typical Thai garb. Very loose fitting, flowy style that fits in with the locals. This is probably intentional to seem more authentic to the tourists, as well as to beat the heat. Check out his Moh Hom (shirt) and Sador (pants) here:

When Sung Min rescues Cha Ji Won (played by Lee Jin Wook), Cha Ji Won offers Sung Min money in return to help him get revenge for his father. Sung Min transforms to Ko Sung Min, a representative of a premier investment firm. His style is a 180 degree turn from the Thai garb that we’re used to seeing him in. Sung Min now wears sleek lines. He’s never seen without a blazer. He wears a silk handkerchief around his neck, for an almost European feel.

However, when he’s not posing as a finance expert, he still dresses down in his hawaiian shirt. He also reverts back to the Moh Hom shirt. You can take the man out of Thailand, but you can’t take the Thailand out of the man.

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