Goodbye Mr. Black Ep5- Ep6

The secret is out. Mr. Black, no longer Cha Ji Won, is back in Korea and is visiting everyone he had left behind. From trying to rekindle his romance with Yoon Ma Ri to getting a meal with Sun Jae’s father, Ji Won is working hard to make sure everyone knows he’s back. The way he does it is a little unnerving. He pops out of the background and surprise the people he’s visiting. For example, he jumps into Sun Jae father’s cab and has him drive him around before revealing he’s Cha Ji Won. Also, he shows up in front of Yoon Ma Ri as she’s shopping for clothes with Mae. These sudden appearances keeps everyone on their toes and creates a creepy atmosphere. This is of course the effect Ji Won is trying to achieve. Because he needs to blend into the background easily, his attire is pretty casual. 

See Cha Ji Won’s latest looks here:

We see more and more of Song Jae Rim’s character Seo Woo Jin in these two episodes. Seo Woo Jin is the founder of Panda News, the company that hired Kim Swan, played by Moon Chae Won, as a reporter. When he’s not working on a story, he strolls around the office in sweats and robe like Hugh Hefner. He’s more versatile when he’s out on a job. When he’s trying to get more information, he dresses to assimilate to his surrounding. For example, when he’s trying to get more details out of cops, he dresses up like a detective. When his target is at a casino, he dresses as a high roller. 

See Seo Woo Jin’s looks here:

Yoon Ma Ri’s wardrobe is impeccable. Her go to looks are full body dresses and a hand bags. As wife of a chairman candidate, her job is help make connections with people who can help Sun Jae’s career. As such, she always looks put together. Who knows who you’ll run into when you’re out and about in five star hotels in Seoul?

See Yoon Ma Ri’s beautiful dresses here:

Fashion standout: Black’s assistant Mae.



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