Vampire Detective – First Glimpse

Vampire Detective just aired its first episode! Here’s our breakdown of the top fashion take aways of the main leads already. The drama revolves around a detective who was betrayed by his girlfriend while they were both secret agents. Lee Joon (previously a member of kpop group MBLAQ) plays Yoon San, the detective who tries to figure out why he was betrayed. Because of his past, Yoon San is understandably moody and stoic. His clothes are colored to match his solemn demeanor. In other words, black on black on black. Black leather jacket? Check. Black turtleneck sweater? Check. Black jeans? Check. Black shoes? Duh.

See Yoon San’s Look Here:

Yoon San’s business/investigator partner is Yoon Goo Hyung (played by Oh Jung Se). Goo Hyung is older than Yoon San and doesn’t have as much baggage. His lighter personality is reflected in the brighter colors that he wears. Although he also wears a lot of dark colors (because of the whole investigator job thing), he sprinkles in pops of colors.

See Yoon Goo Hyung’s look here:


Han Gyeo Wool approaches Yoon San and Goo Hyung to follow her brother because he’s been acting weird recently. Han Gyeo Wool is played by Lee Se Young, who has really matured from her child actress days. As Gyeo Wool, Lee Se Young plays a wild girl who embarrasses her straight laced older brother. However, she is concerned about his late night trips and recent quitting of his job. She speaks her mind and has an outgoing personality. She’s not afraid to embrace colors (I mean, check out her umbre hair). At the same time, she’s not into the super trendy look, more alternative rock than kpop.

See Gyeo Wool’s look here:



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