Top 5 Accessory Trends in Descendants of The Sun

As Descendants of the Sun focuses on the lives of soldiers and doctors in the field, there’s not a lot of chances for the characters to wear much accessories. However, girls will be girls. You see Song Hye Kyo’s Kang Mo Yeon character wear earrings and watches. Of course, the jewelry pieces are small minimalist styled. Can you imagine a doctor wearing dangles while operating in the desert?

Here are our top 5 accessory pieces:

  1. Gold Star Earrings – We see Kang Mo Yeon wear these adorable pieces multiple times throughout the drama. These earrings are fashionable without getting in the way. Like, you know, when extracting diamonds from stomachs. 

      2. Leather Strap Watches – Almost all the female doctors have these watches. These watches look professional and yet possess a simple feminine elegance to them.

3. Simple Stud Earrings – Dr. Kang wears simple stud earrings throughout the drama. Did you notice she wore pearl studs throughout the earthquake rescue efforts? 

4. The Scarf – The most famous scarf of the moment. Not only does the scarf give Dr. Kang more of a princess of Arabia feel, it also blocked out some of the harsh desert sun.

Princess of Arabia look, check.

5. Side bags – Like everything else in Dr. Kang’s wardrobe, the side bags are fashionable and, more importantly, functional. Even Dr. Yoon Myeong Joo (Played by Kim Ji Won) wears one!

Bonus Accessories: It hasn’t escaped our notice that although Captain Yoo Si Jin (Played by Song Joong Ki) doesn’t have too many scenes without his military uniform, our favorite Captain still accessorize like a boss. See his accessory choices here:

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