Descendants of the Sun Ep 9 – Ep 10

The worst of the earthquake has passed and the last survivor has been saved. Goodbye bloody clothes and dirt smudges. Now that the soldiers and doctors have had a chance to take a breather, we see doctors putting on fresh clothes. When the doctors had arrived at Urk, they had to put all their belongings into a duffle bag. However, I’m still impressed by how much clothing variety the doctors have. They must have really crammed their duffle bags. We’re just glad to see everyone in clean clothes again.

Our favorite nurse Choi Min Ji (played by Park Hwan Hee) always has fun with clothes. She and Chi Hoon are definitely the trendiest members on the medical staff. No matter if it’s overalls or pigtails, she looks put together.

Choi Min Ji’s Best Looks:

Beauty doctor Kang Mo Yeon (played by Song Hye Kyo)  added some classy outerwear pieces to her wardrobe. It seemed odd that she would be take out cardigans in the desert, but we’re not judging.

See Kang Mo Yeon’s New Pieces:

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