Goodbye Mr. Black Ep 3 – Ep 4

The story line and fashion really picks up in these two episodes. Khaya (played by Moon Chae Won) officially change her name from Khaya, which means garbage in Thai, to Swan, a much more elevated name. This re-name symbolizes the bigger changes that Moon Chae Won’s character goes through. Her character starts out with being an illiterate peddler who sells small snacks and goods to tourists who visit Thailand. After Cha Ji Won leaves her, she starts learning how to read and write and takes on a new job being a news reporter. Although she still gets corrected for her writing, she doesn’t give up. She also moves in with Kim Ji Ryoon’s mother in a high end district. We see Khaya’s transition reflected in her fashion. She starts out wearing tropical vacation attire (t shirts and loose boyfriend jeans)  to business casual attire (trench coats, scarf). As a reporter, her outfit still leans toward casual to fit the fast moving aspect of the job.

See her fashion transition here:

We see a lot more of Yoon Ma Ri in these two episodes. Yoon Ma Ri is played by popular actress Yoo In Young. Yoon Ma Ri plays the love interest of Cha Ji Won (played by Lee Jin Wook) and Min Su Jae (played by Kim Kang Woo). Yoon Ma Ri comes from a well off family so her style is luxurious. Unlike Khaya, Ma Ri maintains her luxurious fashion sense since the first episode.

See her look here:

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